Chapter 1959

At the time, Xyla Quest was still deeply engrossed in her paperwork. Seeing Stanley Batton walk over, she instantly relaxed. There was something magical about this man. No matter how exhausted she felt, she always subconsciously relaxed whenever she saw him. She joyfully approached him and grabbed his arm upon seeing her favorite strawberry-flavored milk tea in his hand. “This is from my favorite store.” Stanley affectionately rumpled her hair. “Yes.” “Did you have to queue for it?” Xyla asked. “Yeah,” he replied. “Thank you, Honey.” At this moment, Xyla felt touched by his dedication to her. Stanley poked a hole through the lid with a straw and handed the cup over to Xyla. “Drink.” She accepted the milk tea and took a sip. It was very sweet. She then reached for his hand and led him over to the couch before sitting down, leaning against him while she drank. “Did the reporters annoy you downstairs?” “Hmm, it wasn’t too bad,” Stanley stated. “Did you answer their question

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