Chapter 1961

The entire house was full of balloons and flowers of various colors, giving a wonderful and lively ambiance. The fragrant scent of the flowers wafted through the air in the warm space. It was very soothing. The view that came into sight looked as wonderful as a fairy tale. After looking around, Xyla Quest found Jeremy Quest and Betty Starmount in the midst of a discussion as they sat in front of the coffee table. There was a huge bouquet of white roses in front of them. Xyla counted ninety-nine roses in total. She was slightly confused by the extravagant scene. What was her father up to, setting up such lavish decorations and even inviting her home for dinner? Perhaps he was preparing to get married. Right about then, Jeremy and Betty realized that Xyla and Stanley Batton had arrived. Her father carried the flowers joyfully over to her, with Betty following close behind, smiling from ear to ear. Jeremy placed the bouquet in her arms, where an alluring scent of roses filled

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