Chapter 1934

Annabeth Cates looked curiously at Josh Batton’s handsome face through the spotless mirror. “Go ahead.” “Two days ago, I told Georgie I wanted to cut down on work so that I could spend more time with you. She called to give me an update earlier. She has eliminated as much work as possible, so from now on, I only need to work between one to three hours each day. “Also, Atlantis TV recently started a new variety show called ‘Their Day Together’, about a celebrity couple’s daily life. It’s a massive production with a total of twenty episodes. They would invite a celebrity couple to take part in each episode. “The content is rather simple; they will film a couple’s daily life, and that's all. Georgie hopes we can participate in the first episode. What do you think? “It’ll all be done here in our house. We can do whatever we want, basically just carry on with our usual routine,” Josh explained carefully. “Sure, I’m fine with it,” Annabeth immediately replied. “Okay, I’ll tell Georgie

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