Chapter 1933

“I’m guessing you aren’t fine,” Annabeth Cates took a deep breath and said carefully. “Congratulations, you’ve got that right,” Josh Batton said teasingly. Her body grew tense again. “Should I-?” “No, I can control myself,” he assured her. “Are you sure?” she asked hesitantly. “Yeah.” With that, Josh tenderly pressed her head against his chest, rubbing her back gently. “Good girl. Let’s get some sleep.” He switched the lights off them, plunging the room into darkness. The entire world had fallen silent. It was so quiet that she could hear him breathing as his warm breath blew against her neck. It made her heart rate go out of control. She couldn’t help but recall their intimate moments together. She closed her eyes and tried her best to fall asleep without uttering a word. Josh was doing his best to control himself because he couldn't do anything despite having a beautiful woman in his arms. He began to calm down after Annabeth had fallen asleep, his facial expression grad

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