Chapter 1935

Right then, all the production crew members were envious of what they saw. The women, especially, felt their hearts stop beating for a second because of how charming Josh Batton was. How could such a perfect couple exist? They were so in love! As soon as Annabeth Cates left, some members from the production crew quickly followed after her, while others stayed behind to film Josh in the kitchen. After leaving the kitchen, Annabeth entered the dining room, fiddling with her phone while waiting for her breakfast. She tried her best to ignore the cameras around her and behaved the way she naturally would. Meanwhile, Josh soon finished making the egg-and-tomato sandwiches and separating the warm, orange-flavored milk and salad into two portions. After putting everything on a tray, Josh carried it into the dining room. He first placed a glass of milk in front of his wife, then the other for himself. Right after, he placed all the sandwiches and salad on the table, then set up their

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