Chapter 1920

“Sophie, you must have tickets to the concert. Could you sell one to me? I’m willing to pay any amount.” “Sophie, I’ve never said anything bad about you. I’m your fan. As long as you sell me a ticket, I’ll do whatever you ask me to from now on. Please.” Sophie Kenwick was speechless. Josh Batton’s fans were a passionate lot. Moreover, she felt touched by the things they said. She could sense how much these people loved Josh from the words they used. They were much bigger fans of Josh than Sophie was. As a fan, she could understand how they felt and empathized with them. She immediately turned to look at Xyla Quest. “Xyla, do you have any extra tickets to the concert?” Xyla nodded. “Yeah. I have one or two, depending on whether your brother goes." “Could you give it to me?” Sophie asked. Xyla shrugged. “Of course. Never mind concert tickets, I would give you the stars in the sky if that’s what you wanted.” Sophie immediately felt touched. After that, she published a Weibo po

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