Chapter 1919

No matter what Gary Lakes said, Sophie Kenwick wasn’t convinced. He found himself being increasingly intrigued by this girl. Girls like her were rare these days. Despite many good job opportunities out there, she didn’t seem interested or even consider using her connections as a stepping stone to stardom. Instead, she willingly stayed by Xyla Quest’s side to be a bodyguard. Gary wondered briefly if Sophie was too intelligent or too daft. He perused her from head to toe, deciding it was probably the latter. “You’re quite unusual,” he declared all of a sudden. “Hehe, instead of unusual, you could say that I love Xyla a lot,” Sophie replied. “You shouldn't say this too often in front of Stanley, or I’m afraid he might think of you as his rival in romance,” Gary smirked. Sophie immediately chuckled. “That doesn’t matter, my brother knows I’m into men.” Gary laughed, feeling entertained by her. This girl was definitely interesting. “Gary, since you are one of the sponsors for J

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