Chapter 1921

After taking the screenshot, Sophie Kenwick saw a private message from the president of Josh Batton’s fan club. “Greetings, my name is Peach, and I’m the president of Josh Batton’s fan club. I wish to invite you to join our core management team. Would you like to do that?” Peach wrote. Sophie was apprehensive about joining them because she wasn't familiar with all this. Soon, she received another message from Peach. “Don’t worry, you don’t have to do much upon joining. We will only be chatting in the group and plan for upcoming events.” Sophie wasn’t particularly interested in this, so she decided to turn down the offer after pondering for a while. Then, she closed Weibo and began drinking her tea. Meanwhile, Gary Lakes and Xyla Quest were still talking about work while finishing their meals. *** Today was the day of Josh Batton’s concert, where it would be held at Atlantis Stadium starting at eight o'clock in the evening. Although the concert only took place in the evening,

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