Chapter 1888

A few simple words from Stanley Batton were enough to cause a huge reaction on Weibo. The number of remarks in the comment section skyrocketed— “Mr. Batton, that’s domineering.” “Hahaha, I support Mr. Batton in teaching those haters a lesson.” “Some marketing accounts would go to any length for popularity.” “I thought I had a chance. I didn’t expect that it was all just a misunderstanding.” “Hmm, if that’s the case, you have my blessings.” “Aren’t you going to explain who that girl is?” someone asked. Stanley directly forwarded the message and replied to it. “She’s my younger sister. I adopted her in the past. Stop writing novels.” At the same time, many people discovered that the accounts of haters who made false divorce claims had disappeared, making it a joyous occasion. Immediately after that, Stanley published another Weibo post. “I love you, Honey. @Xyla Quest.” Suddenly, netizens who paid attention to this incident on Weibo felt jealous. The comment section flooded

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