Chapter 1887

By now, Xyla Quest had gotten used to all this. She was used to returning home and slacking off. She was used to being cared for, being adored, being protected, and being appreciated. She felt just like a princess. Xyla didn’t have to do any chores around the house. Stanley Batton gently kissed her on the forehead before heading into the kitchen. He joined his mother and kept themselves busy in the kitchen. Sophie Kenwick was taking a bath upstairs while Xyla waited peacefully in the living room. The house felt warm and comfortable. Outside, it began to snow heavily. Despite the cold weather outside, people in the house weren’t affected at all. Xyla had already finished her work and only wanted to relax in the house. So, she logged into League of Legends and prepared to play. As soon as she opened the game, several news articles popped up on her phone about the cheating rumors. Xyla felt her head aching as soon as she saw these headlines. As she clicked on the news, she sa

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