Chapter 1889

Meanwhile, Sophie Kenwick couldn’t tell the difference as she was used to living a lavish lifestyle in the past. *** The next morning, Sophie woke up early and accompanied Xyla Quest to Quest Group. Although she was said to be Xyla’s bodyguard on paper, she was now known as Stanley Batton’s younger sister. On top of that, she was wearing luxurious brands from head to toe. Her entire body was glowing. She didn’t seem like one of Xyla’s subordinates at all. They looked like equals when they stood next to each other. Xyla started working as soon as she entered the office, while Sophie casually wandered around. She said she wanted to get used to the environment, but in all honesty, she was bored. As she walked past the pantry, Sophie saw a few women drinking coffee while talking about her. “The girl our President brought with her is Stanley’s younger sister. D*mn!” “I honestly thought Mr. Batton was cheating. It turns out that wasn’t the case.” “That girl is lucky to have been a

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