Chapter 1840

A white ball of light had appeared in the sky in front of Xyla Quest, resembling a halo. A faint white figure could be seen in the halo. Xyla rubbed her eyes before looking at the same spot, but the vision had disappeared. She was sure she had seen something earlier. What could it have been? Was it a god? Or was it the nine-tailed fox demon? Could it have been something else? Xyla had many questions in her mind. Now, she had many questions regarding her overall state. However, she couldn’t get any answers to her questions. Xyla figured that the time wasn’t right yet. When the time was right, all the answers would present themselves. She knew that a god was secretly helping her, so she didn’t feel so panicked anymore. With a dutiful and powerful girl like Sophie Kenwick by her side, she felt secure. If danger fell upon her or her husband, Stanley Batton, they would at least not be completely helpless. “What are you looking at, Master?” Sophie asked with a curious look in

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