Chapter 1839

After ensuring that the makeup was immaculate, King looked happily at Sophie Kenwick’s reflection in the mirror. “That outfit looks very flattering on you today. Only your hairstyle and makeup were slightly off but now, with this makeover, everything matches better. Of course, your personality and image also go well together with this look,” King explained. Sophie nodded. “Thank you. You’re very talented.” If King lived in Warrington, he’d have become the women’s favorite person in the palace. He’d be able to do well wherever he went. Xyla Quest was also very pleased with Sophie’s makeover, finding her beauty to be astounding. She walked over to Sophie with a smile and put her hands on Sophie’s shoulders, looking at her reflection in the mirror. “It looks fantastic! Thank you, King.” King chuckled. “Don’t mention it. I'm only doing my job, Ms. Quest.” They left the makeup studio after settling the payment. A group of bodyguards who waited outside immediately stepped in line beh

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