Chapter 1841

Xyla Quest showed Sophie Kenwick around for several hours that by the time they finished, it was already five o’clock in the evening. On a winter day, that was when the sky was already beginning to turn dark. The house had its lights turned on, making the interior glamorous and as bright as day. After showing Sophie around, Xyla escorted her back into her red Maserati. As Xyla turned on the engine, she turned to look at her companion. “Are you tired? You can rest in my office once we get there.” Sophie felt warm in her heart. “I’m not tired. No matter what we do, I won’t feel tired as long as I do it with you.” Xyla smiled before ruffling Sophie’s hair affectionately. “I’m going to sort out some documents at my office. We’ll come back after I’m done,” she informed her. Sophie nodded in compliance. She was practically a fan of Xyla’s now. She would do anything Xyla told her to. If her Master told her to head east, she would not head west. If she told her to head south, she wo

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