Chapter 1812

Mary Sullivan suddenly felt even more flustered when she caught sight of Xyla Quest’s gaze on her. Mary instantly frowned and stood up, staring at Bodyguard C. “What? When did I say those things? You must have heard wrongly.” “What’s the matter? You dared to say those things, but you’re not brave enough to admit it?” the bodyguard asked. “I heard her too, loud and clear. Mary, chop your head off,” another Bodyguard D said. Xyla didn’t interrupt and allowed her bodyguards to criticize Mary, not feeling sympathetic to her in the slightest. Xyla had never been a saint. There was no reason to feel sorry for someone who hurt her before and wished she was dead. Mary was speechless, feeling her face warming at this awkward situation. Mary felt very unsettled. After taking a deep breath, she started stammering. “About that, I-I… I was wrong, okay? Besides, it was a private conversation between Cain and me. He is the only one who gets to say if he wants my head off or not.” Cain prompt

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