Chapter 1811

Xyla Quest laughed. “No, there were dangerous booby traps, but I was lucky enough to dodge all of them.” She sounded very calm, but the people who heard her weren’t calm at all. Everyone felt immensely terrified in retrospect. What? There was danger? And booby traps? How could she effortlessly evade all of them and resurface completely unharmed, despite knowing nothing about the situation down there? Frederick Shaw found Xyla even more baffling now. “What kind of traps were there, my young friend?” Xyla laughed. “To be honest, it’s not a big deal. There were arrows, that's all.” Frederick and Xyla’s bodyguards were speechless. What did Xyla mean by that? Didn’t that sound terrifying enough? How did she manage to dodge them all? How could she sound so casual, as if she had just gone down for a vacation? Mary Sullivan also found what she heard unbelievable. Why was Xyla so lucky? Arrows? Ordinary people would have died under those circumstances. Why wasn’t Xyla dead? This

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