Chapter 1813

Frederick Shaw’s phone number and WeChat ID were on the name card as well. Xyla Quest accepted the name card with both hands. “Alright. I’ll add your contact once I get back. If anything comes up, I’ll reach out to you, so I hope I won’t be a nuisance.” “Certainly not,” Frederick replied. With that, Frederick left without saying anything else. Xyla watched him leave before taking her phone out and calling Stanley Batton. On the other end of the call, Stanley was having a meeting in a huge conference room, surrounded by all the top-level executives of the company. Everyone acted in a businesslike manner with serious expressions on their faces. Right then, the head of the sales department was giving an update on the department’s performance and the plan for the next quarter. Stanley spun his gold-plated, customized pen around with his right hand as he listened to the update. His fingers were long and fair, looking distinguished and attractive. His movements perfectly showcased

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