Chapter 1804

Apart from feeling rage, there was nothing Mary Sullivan could do. Bottling up her emotions inside was killing her. Growing up, Mary had rarely been insulted by other people. All her humiliating moments were related to Xyla Quest, and so she felt that she was her greatest enemy. “Xyla, don’t go too far,” Mary yelled through gritted teeth. Xyla frowned slightly. She continued to flick her long, beige nails against one another before looking at Mary’s face. “I don’t like what you said. You were the one who came up with the bet and lost. How could I have gone too far? “Weren’t you the one who suggested this? What’s the matter? Do you think it’s too much now?” Xyla’s voice became increasingly cold. Xyla genuinely despised Mary, so she wasn’t holding back at all. “That’s right... you suggested this yourself. Now, you’re blaming Xyla for it. Are people from the Sullivan family all this shameless?” “You’re not wrong. Isn’t everyone from the Sullivan family like this? None of them a

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