Chapter 1803

Xyla Quest hated how Mary Sullivan looked down on others just because she was slightly wealthier. She couldn’t interfere if Mary had mistreated her own subordinates, but Mary was in no position to berate hers. Xyla’s bodyguards felt so moved by how she stood up for them, instantly liking her even more. Everyone vowed to remain loyal to Xyla for life. Mary felt so furious that she had trouble breathing. Her hand raised, poised to return the slap. Before it could land, Xyla swiftly grabbed her by the wrist and glared coldly at her face. “Mary, stop dawdling and admit defeat.” “That’s right... you’re not all that great if you dilly-dally.” “I’m sure you wouldn’t want other people to find out that you’re someone who lacks credibility, would you?” “Hurry up… can you not admit defeat?” Xyla’s bodyguards started speaking up again on her behalf. Feeling bitter from the bottom of her heart, Mary attempted to bend her knees a little. However, she simply couldn’t do it. Kneeling in fr

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