Chapter 1805

However, if one paid close attention, one would discover that the rooms were actually connected. All the stone walls in between the rooms were mobile, controlled by mechanisms in antique vases of different designs placed outside the walls. As long as the vases were moved slightly, countless arrows would be fired from all directions. Xyla frowned in deep concentration while she continued to use her penetrating vision to observe those hidden mechanisms. She discovered that they had a flaw… the arrows were all positioned higher up, meaning that nothing would go wrong as long as people were on the ground when the arrows were fired. After solving the puzzle, Xyla let out a long sigh of relief. She then continued to scan the area, finding nothing else apart from those she had discovered. After letting out another long sigh, Xyla turned to address Darren. “It’s fine, I’ll go down and have a look. You can all stay up here and wait for me.” She needed to go down and deactivate those boob

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