Chapter 1800

Compared to the look of nervousness and anticipation on everyone’s faces, Xyla Quest seemed calm and composed. Seeing her that way, Mary Sullivan couldn’t resist cursing in her heart. She honestly didn’t understand why Xyla was putting up such an act. It was clear Xyla had lost, but yet she still behaved so indifferently. It didn’t matter, though. Xyla would not be able to keep up the act much longer. Darren Green’s eyes were filled with excitement and shock when he saw everyone. There was even a slight sense of fear. Mary was even more confident when she noticed his expression. She immediately approached Darren with a look of anticipation. “Is there nothing down there? Hmm?” Darren ignored her. Instead, he ran up to Xyla. His silence further solidified Mary's confidence that there was indeed nothing down there. Mary raced past Darren and stood before Xyla with her arms crossed over her chest. "Looks like there is nothing. Xyla, be a good girl now, get down on your knees an

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