Chapter 1801

Frederick Shaw genuinely believed that Xyla Quest was extremely lucky. Such luck was truly enviable. Meanwhile, Cain Hollander could see Mary Sullivan’s facial expression changing. He gingerly massaged her shoulders. Annoyed, Cain’s touch didn’t make her feel relaxed. On the contrary, the action irritated her further. She impatiently pushed Cain’s hand away. “Will you cease for a moment? Stop that, it’s annoying.” Cain immediately stopped touching her. Xyla couldn’t bear to watch this anymore. Although not a stranger to disrespectful people, she’d never seen anyone behave this bad before. “What? Is there actually an underground palace down there?” Frederick had a bewildered look in his eyes when he faced Darren Green. Darren nodded repeatedly. “Yes, and from the looks of it, this underground palace is probably an underground tomb that belonged to a powerful person in ancient times. There are countless treasures within.” Xyla still seemed calm and collected. Since she had alre

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