Chapter 1799

If one were to get bitten by a dog, one couldn’t possibly bite the dog in return. Approximately an hour later, Darren Green and many miners quickly returned to the mine’s entrance above. Soon, Darren directly approached Xyla Quest. “Ms. Quest, we’ve already located the spots and set up the explosives down there. We have lit the fuse, and it will blow soon. “We’ll be able to check out the situation down there after the explosion,” Darren informed her. Xyla nodded in acknowledgment. Mary Sullivan immediately chuckled. “Even if there wasn’t an explosion, I already know how Xyla will end up. I can’t wait to watch you humiliate yourself.” Xyla couldn’t be bothered to respond to Mary. She continued her conversation with Frederick Shaw. Meanwhile, Frederick also resented Mary for being such an annoying woman, choosing to ignore her as well. Although Darren seemed calm on the surface, he was worried on the inside. His exploration team had tried to explore the situation five hundred

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