Chapter 1771

The only explanation was that the nine-tailed fox was the one messing with Xyla Quest… Xyla immediately tried to switch on her phone. However, it didn’t work. Xyla became even more panicked. She walked over to the nightstand and picked up the landline. She was even more shocked when she put the receiver against her ear. She couldn’t hear any sound from the receiver. Moreover, the phone didn’t seem to respond at all. It was like a toy phone that had run out of battery. The phone was fine yesterday… What else could it have been if not the nine-tailed fox’s doing? It was trapping Xyla here and stopping her from leaving. In fact, it wouldn’t even let her contact anyone else. Was it going to punish her right there and then? Xyla felt even more scared when she thought about it. Regardless of how calm she appeared on the outside, she was still afraid of dying. Her survival instincts kicked in, and she began thinking quickly on her feet. After glancing at the window, she decided

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