Chapter 1770

Also, the maid in Xyla Quest’s father’s house told her something when the nine-tailed fox injured her. She said that she smelled sandalwood when the nine-tailed fox attacked her… With all these facts combined, Xyla felt that the nine-tailed fox was indeed in her room… The thing that she touched when she woke up on the bed was the fox itself. Xyla was sure she wasn’t hallucinating. Suddenly, Xyla felt it all even eerier. She subconsciously tightened her grip on her phone… Immediately after that, Xyla could see a golden ray of light flashing before her. In the next second, she saw a white shadow fly past her… The shadow appeared and disappeared within a second. Xyla couldn’t see it clearly. However, the moment the shadow appeared before her, she could smell the sandalwood even more strongly. It was the kind of scent one would smell in a temple. Xyla’s heart started racing again. Her face also turned pale. Xyla quickly stood up and grabbed her phone tightly. “Honey… I exper

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