Chapter 1772

In the next second, the snow stopped. The sandalwood scent disappeared. The thin layer of fox fur on the ground also disappeared… Everything had suddenly disappeared. It felt just like a dream. After waking up from the dream, everything ended. Xyla very quickly stopped feeling chills down her spine. The feeling that someone was watching her from the back also disappeared. The room’s door slowly opened on its own. Xyla immediately let out a long sigh. What happened? Did that thing leave? Was it only planning to scare her and not hurt her today? What was all that for? Xyla couldn’t understand it. She couldn’t quite figure things out. After letting out a long sigh, Xyla felt tense once again. She witnessed something powerful today. She also realized how weak she was before that thing. She was like a fragile bubble that could pop at the slightest touch. Humans weren’t as powerful as they thought they were. Due to seeing things more clearly, Xyla felt even more terrified.

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