Chapter 1725

When Annabeth Cates heard their promise, she immediately felt relieved. She knew that the two of them were genuine fans. She also knew how genuine fans felt about their idols. They would stick to their promise. Josh Batton felt warmth spread in his heart when he heard what the ladies said. Josh lifted his hand and gently patted them on the shoulders. “I’m fortunate to have fans like you.” The two ladies instantly went crazy… All Josh did was pat them on the shoulders, but they were already feeling huge ripples in their hearts. At that moment, they were so excited that they could pretty much faint and die. Josh had patted their shoulders! He put his hands on their shoulders! Not only that… But Josh even said he was lucky to have them! Ahh! What divine words were these? It was worth it! It was truly worth it! Their love was reciprocated! Josh was the best person in the world! Suddenly, the two ladies were so excited they couldn’t speak. They had many things on their m

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