Chapter 1724

Never mind that Josh Batton was under disguise… She’d recognize him even if he turned to ashes. Who else could this man with such a unique aura be if not Josh? She could recognize him instantly. The other lady could, too. Excited, she tried to reach out to grab Josh’s hand. However, she very quickly realized she didn’t deserve to do that at all. Hence, she pulled away instantly. Someone like Josh should only be admired from afar… Ordinary people shouldn’t touch him with their dirty hands. Loving him was like a religion. It was a kind of devotion that made oneself feel touched. These two ladies felt as if they were suffocating. Even through his dense disguise, they could still picture how handsome Josh looked. To avoid making Annabeth feel left out, they quickly turned to look at her… “Aren’t you Annabeth? What a coincidence. Can we take a picture with the two of you? We’ve liked you for a long time. Pretty please…” The two ladies pressed their palms together and pleaded

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