Chapter 1726

Xyla Quest was still wearing the traditional white robe. However, she was now covered in blood… Her eye had already been scratched out… It was on the ground. Her empty eye socket kept bleeding. Meanwhile, the nine-tailed fox stood in front of her and silently watched her. However, it didn’t move at all. Xyla began to feel the pain spreading through her body. It sent chills down her spine… Soon, she became drenched in cold sweat. Xyla fell to the ground in pain, and she was barely breathing… However, the fox didn’t seem to want to let her go. The moment she fell to the ground, it pounced at her once again. It ferociously scratched her other eye out. Xyla’s eyeball was forcefully gouged out of her eye socket. She began to feel intense pain once again. It was as if she could sense the nerves and tissue between her eyeball and eye socket being torn apart little by little. Soon, Xyla lost her vision. Everything turned dark before her. The area where her eyes once were had

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