Chapter 1646

While Xyla Quest was confident, outgoing, and noble, Annabeth Cates was self-abased, emotionally fragile, and ordinary. There was no comparing these two. Annabeth could sense how Josh Batton felt about Xyla. For this very reason, she felt even more self-abased. She was inferior to Xyla in every way. When Annabeth looked at Xyla’s face, she suddenly felt baffled. She wondered how Josh felt about being with a woman who was nothing like Xyla. Would he feel immensely disappointed about their differences? “Go ahead. I’m listening…” Josh said. “Firstly, I want you two to go on live to share your daily routine as a couple. You two must make sure you behave a little more intimately… “It must evoke positive feelings in others… “You have to let your fans see that you two are happy together. Moreover, let them understand why you had to choose Annabeth through the live stream… Make everything public while you’re at the peak of your popularity… “Based on the current statistics, up to te

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