Chapter 1645

Meanwhile, Josh Batton stayed in the kitchen to do the dishes. Although Annabeth Cates wanted to help, Josh insisted on doing it alone. Left without a choice, Annabeth returned to the living room on her own. She picked up her phone and wanted to browse through Weibo… However, when she tried to open Weibo, she saw that it had crashed again… After several failed attempts, Annabeth put her phone down and switched on the television. The moment she turned it on, she saw the entertainment channel. Her relationship with Josh was being discussed. Ding-dong, ding-dong— Just as Annabeth was about to change the channel, she heard the doorbell ringing. She quickly stood up and walked over to the door before looking at the surveillance screen. Xyla Quest’s face was on it. From the screen, Annabeth could see that Xyla had on intricate peach-colored makeup. There was a tear-shaped mole at one corner of her eye, and her long, dark, curly hair fell naturally around her shoulders. Xyla wore a

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