Chapter 1647

Although Josh Batton didn’t love Annabeth Cates now, Xyla Quest believed that he would sooner or later. Annabeth was a good girl. A lot of times, it made sense to get married before falling in love. For example, Xyla and Stanley Batton did the same thing. “Thank you, Xyla…” Josh said earnestly. “Thank you, Ms. Quest. As long as it’s good for Josh, I’m willing to do anything,” Annabeth said as she looked at Xyla seriously. “Alright, stop it…” Xyla smiled. After that, she turned to look at Josh. “Stanley was thrilled when he found out that you’re getting married and that you’ll soon become a father. He wanted me to congratulate you on his behalf,” Xyla said. “Thank him for me,” Josh said with a smile. Xyla didn’t stay long. Around noon, Wilson Batton and Sharon Lindt came to Josh’s house together. Wilson and Annabeth met officially for the first time. Throughout the entire process, Annabeth behaved gently and obediently. Wilson seemed to approve of his future daughter-in-law.

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