Chapter 1618

“I know the child is mine… You chose to keep it a secret only because you didn’t want to cause me any trouble…” Josh Batton said. Regardless of what Annabeth Cates said, he still believed in his assumptions. Based on the timeline, his inference wasn’t wrong at all. However, Annabeth still tried to change Josh’s mind. “Honestly, the child isn’t yours… Josh, stop overthinking, will you?” “Alright… If you say this child isn’t mine, would you dare do a test with me right now? With how advanced medical technology is now, we can already carry out a DNA test on the baby after twenty-five days of pregnancy, such as in your case…” Josh said. When Annabeth heard this, she panicked… To the best of her knowledge, this test couldn’t be done within twenty-five days. It would have to wait until the baby was much larger… Or did she remember wrongly? From Josh’s facial expression, it didn’t look like he was lying. Annabeth felt frantic… She subconsciously took in a breath of cold air. “This

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