Chapter 1617

After arriving at the ward, Josh Batton naturally picked Annabeth Cates up and put her on the large, soft bed. Meanwhile, a nurse nearby hung Annabeth’s drip bottle above the bed. When the nurses saw their idol holding another girl and showing concern for her, their hearts ached… After standing in the same spot for a long while, the nurses gave Josh a long briefing about things he ought to pay attention to before reluctantly leaving… Once they had left, the large ward suddenly became quiet. Josh looked deeply at Annabeth before pulling up a chair next to her. He silently observed her drip bottle. Although Josh was clearly very tired, he didn’t feel sleepy at all after the frantic episode of taking Annabeth to the hospital. After looking at the drip bottle for a while, Josh shifted his gaze back to Annabeth’s face. Soon, he made a crucial decision from the bottom of his heart… It was a decision related to his and Annabeth’s future. When the glucose content in the drip bottle r

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