Chapter 1616

Most women would cling onto men for dear life after they slept together… If the women became pregnant, they would naturally be even harder to get rid of. After all, it was a great opportunity to turn their lives around. But what about the silly girl, Annabeth Cates? After they had sex, she let Josh Batton go. In fact, she didn’t even try to blackmail him for money. What did she do after finding out she was pregnant? Not only did Annabeth not tell Josh, but she even tried to hide it. After that, she would sneakily get an abortion so as not to cause Josh any trouble. Josh knew very well that girls like Annabeth were scarce these days. Whenever Josh thought of Annabeth’s face, he would feel guilty, and his heart would ache. “Mr. Batton… What are you thinking about?” the doctor asked. Josh immediately came back to his senses. He quickly looked at the doctor’s face. “Is the inference made on the pregnancy timeline normally accurate?” Josh asked. The doctor nodded. “I don’t know a

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