Chapter 1615

Some of the nurses couldn’t help but begin discussing among themselves. “What’s his relationship with that girl? He seems so worried about her.” “Yeah. It’s the first time I’ve seen Josh this panicked.” “Isn’t that girl his assistant? A celebrity and his assistant… You guys should get it.” “I’m feeling dizzy. Stop talking, sisters. I feel heartbroken.” Josh Batton didn’t hear what the nurses were saying at all. He didn’t care either. Every second and minute seemed to pass very slowly. Each minute was torture to Josh. Approximately ten minutes later, the emergency unit’s door suddenly opened. A doctor walked out. When Josh saw the doctor, he immediately stood up and walked up to him. “How did it go? What’s wrong with her?” “She’s not in a dire situation. She’s only pregnant. The reason she fainted was due to her low blood sugar… “Many women suffer from hypoglycemia during the early stages of pregnancy. She’ll only have to monitor her blood sugar level. After that, she’ll be

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