Chapter 1619

If Annabeth Cates had known this day would come, she would’ve found someone to act as her boyfriend in advance. “My boyfriend must be asleep now. Let’s do it tomorrow,” Annabeth said. “You’ve been coming up with all sorts of reasons to stall me. This only proves that you’re lying… Annabeth, you can’t hide the truth from me…” Josh Batton said. The way Annabeth tried to deny Josh’s claims multiple times made him feel even more certain about his assumptions… Meanwhile, Annabeth also knew that there was no way she could hide the truth any longer. Josh was way too smart. He was the kind of man who could see through everything once he’d found a single loophole. Annabeth immediately let out a long, helpless sigh. “Fine, this child is indeed yours. I was planning on getting an abortion behind your back… That’s because I want to be with my boyfriend… “If my boyfriend discovers that I’m pregnant with someone else’s child, it’s over for us… I didn’t want to tell you because I didn’t want

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