Chapter 1579

When Xyla Quest saw this, she was overwhelmed with feelings of empathy. She picked up the nine-tailed fox. After that, she searched everywhere for herbs to tend to the nine-tailed fox’s injuries… After bandaging its wounds, Xyla was quickly transported elsewhere in her dream. In this dream, she was drinking ceremonial wine with a handsome man to officiate their wedding. Xyla could see that they were in a red room from the background. It looked like a room for newlyweds. Xyla and the man were both wearing traditional red robes… They both had hairstyles of people during ancient times. Right then, it appeared to be their first night together as a married couple… After drinking the wine, Xyla suddenly saw a golden light flashing before her eyes. Immediately after that, the man in front of her fell to the ground. Seemingly in pain, he wrapped his arms around himself and started rolling non-stop on the floor… In the next second, nine white tails appeared behind the man… Frightened

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