Chapter 1578

Soon, the car made it onto the freeway. After that, the car sped forward at an insane speed of 180 kilometers per hour. Elaine Oakley felt a little frightened by how fast the car was going. Subconsciously, Elaine reached for the handle next to her. “Darling… What exactly are you doing? If you’re angry, you can scold me or do anything you want… Don’t drive fast like this to vent. It’s very dangerous…” However, Luke Landon still didn’t say a word… Right then, Luke was like an emotionless driving machine. After driving for thirty kilometers on the freeway, Luke abruptly stopped the car by the road. After that, he pushed Elaine out of the car… Before Elaine could react, he stepped on the accelerator and drove away… Having been pushed out of the car so suddenly, Elaine had painful bruises all over her body. It was cold and dark on the freeway since it was late at night… Elaine felt extremely afraid. Ignoring the pain all over her body, Elaine quickly crawled onto her feet and imm

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