Chapter 1580

As soon as Xyla Quest was done speaking in her dream, she suddenly opened her eyes wide in reality… Only when she opened her eyes did she realize that she was dreaming again… Moreover, her third dream seemed to be connected to the two dreams from before… However, Xyla couldn’t understand what exactly was going on collectively… Xyla felt tortured by her dreams the entire night. Due to her poor sleep quality, Xyla was dizzy. It felt terrible. Her mind also felt cluttered. She couldn’t think clearly at all… Right then, Stanley Batton, who was next to her, slowly opened his eyes. When Stanley saw that Xyla was awake, he immediately extended his arm and pulled her into his embrace. “Up already?” “Yeah… Good morning, Honey…” Xyla said as she nodded gently. “Good morning…” Having just woken up, Stanley’s voice sounded gentle and lazy, but it sure as hell was pleasant to listen to. “What do you want for breakfast?” Stanley asked. “Dad asked us to go home for breakfast this morning…

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