Chapter 1569

They wouldn’t know who they were messing with if Elaine Oakley didn’t teach them a little. Elaine wanted these two people to kneel before her and call her Daddy. The more the man heard, the angrier he became… In the end, the man grabbed the steering wheel hard. “Don’t worry. I’ll make it up to you. How dare they mess with Luke Landon’s woman? They must be tired of living…” After that, Luke Landon stepped on the accelerator, catching up with Sebastian Brenand and Rachel Wood… Luke slammed his hand against the honk button several times when the car arrived behind Sebastian and Rachel. Sebastian and Rachel frowned simultaneously. The two of them then stopped walking altogether… After that, Luke stopped his car by the road. Moreover, after swiftly getting out of the car, he charged up to Sebastian and Rachel… When Elaine saw this, she immediately got out of the car and rushed over to her boyfriend’s side. She stood meekly next to her boyfriend before glaring at Sebastian and Rachel

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