Chapter 1568

“Ask your boyfriend to give his best shot…” Sebastian Brenand smiled nonchalantly before lighting up a cigarette with his head lowered. He then started slowly taking puffs at it. He never once thought of Elaine Oakley as a threat the entire time. After taking a deep puff at his cigarette, Sebastian slowly exhaled. He then casually retrieved a name card from his pocket and threw it over to Elaine. “My number is on this thing… Feel free to come over and teach me a lesson…” With that, Sebastian naturally held Rachel Wood’s hand and continued walking. He didn’t give Elaine any opportunity to speak at all… “What a scum…” Sebastian couldn’t resist fuming. He was full of wrath. Rachel was feeling equally wrathful. She turned around and glared at Elaine before turning to face Sebastian. “Alright, don’t be upset… It’s not worth getting upset over people like that…” “Forget it…” Sebastian said unhappily. After that, he wrapped his arms around Rachel’s shoulders. Behind them, Elaine pinche

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