Chapter 1570

Mr. Luciano walked in the forefront. He wore a black tunic suit, and he had extremely short hair. He looked very much like a thug. As soon as the group of young men got out of the cars, they quickly gathered around Mr. Luciano like an army of ants. Then, with their heads lowered respectfully, they stood behind him and awaited his orders. The large formation attracted the attention of several pedestrians… When Luke Landon saw this, he immediately smiled delightfully. Elaine Oakley did the same. The two of them knew that Sebastian Brenand and Rachel Wood were both in trouble. However, Sebastian didn’t show any reaction at all. Instead, he stood there with a calm expression on his face. He subconsciously pulled Rachel behind him protectively. Rachel, on the other hand, felt a little panicked after seeing such a huge formation. No matter how powerful Sebastian was, it was still dangerous for him to face so many enemies on his own… However, Rachel felt a lot less worried when she s

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