Chapter 1561

Sebastian Brenand’s movement was clean and direct. He didn’t beat around the bush at all. The expression on his face was unusually calm and cold. After that, Sebastian stepped over Daryl Hawkins and quickly walked over to Rachel Wood. He naturally helped Rachel onto her feet and hugged her. This thoroughly dumbfounded Daryl. What? Did this impolite woman belong to this powerful figure? Had Daryl gotten himself into trouble with a tough crowd? How could he be this unlucky? Daryl knew that reason wasn’t on his side. But, since his opponents were this powerful, he really didn’t dare to say too much anymore. The more he said, the worse the situation he would find himself in. Thinking of this, Daryl resisted the acute pain in his stomach before carefully standing up. After that, he started shivering on the spot… This woman suddenly came here with such an influential figure. She was probably here for her family’s case. Was she here to get closure? Meanwhile, Daryl was completely u

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