Chapter 1560

“Are you referring to my father when you mentioned the unreasonable person? The one who was robbed a few hundred thousand dollars… He came to file a report, and you ignored him…” Rachel Wood said. “What evidence do you have that you were robbed? How would I know if you didn’t just hide your stuff away?” Daryl Hawkins retorted firmly… “Are we so crazy that we’d intentionally hide stuff away and come to you for help on investigating? Evidence? Our house is the scene of the crime. How could there not be any evidence? If you don’t go and look, would evidence just fall from the sky?” Rachel asked. “We only have so few people here. So if we go to every person’s house just because they ask us to, then we won’t need to do any other work,” Daryl said. “You’re unbelievable… You’d do anything to avoid work…” Rachel said. Daryl sneered. “How am I avoiding work? Is what happened in your house a big deal? What’s wrong with what I did?” So, what if he didn’t want to work? It was an old habit.

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