Chapter 1562

“That’s for certain. To be honest, I’ve wanted to deal with this person. Many of our colleagues have mentioned that he has a poor attitude…” The most senior leader spoke again. Sebastian Brenand couldn’t be bothered to keep the conversation going. “Will this do?” He hugged Rachel Wood and asked. Rachel nodded gently. With how things were dealt with, there wasn’t anything she’d nitpick on… “Also, this lady over here, we’ll surely prioritize your family’s affair… I promise we’ll find the culprit as soon as possible, as well as recover all your family’s financial losses…” The most senior leader said carefully while looking at Rachel. “Okay. Sorry for the trouble,” Rachel replied politely. “That’s our job. Madam, Mr. Brenand, would you like to sit for a while in my office upstairs? You can tell me about the robbery that happened recently in detail…” The most senior leader said. Rachel nodded gently… The two of them went to the office upstairs and briefed the most senior leader abou

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