Chapter 1546

Jeremy Quest was the one who sent the message. “Xyla… Congratulations on winning the championship title. I just returned from my vacation overseas when I saw the news. I was really happy… Are you free tomorrow? I want to introduce you to my girlfriend… You know this young lady…” Jeremy said. The words ‘young lady’ came as quite a shock to both Xyla Quest and Stanley Batton. Jeremy was already in his fifties. They knew better than anyone else why a young lady would be with an old man in his fifties. In the wealthy upper-class, many men in their fifties or sixties marry younger wives. Did those young women marry them out of love? No, it was because of their money. Putting money aside, a young lady wouldn’t have many things in common with a man in his fifties. There would surely be lots of conflicts. The younger woman might not like what Xyla’s father liked. Meanwhile, Xyla’s father might not like what the younger woman liked. Xyla wasn’t against her father looking for another

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