Chapter 1547

“Okay,” Xyla Quest said. After that, Xyla kept guessing who her father’s partner might be for the entire night… Who could it be? Xyla simply couldn’t figure it out. *** The following day, Xyla returned home early from Quest Group. After arriving home, she quickly went upstairs for a bath and put on some light make-up. In the end, she walked into the closet. After searching around in the closet, she finally found a set of clothes she liked. It was a light-colored, loose-fitting set of formal attire with a white knitted shirt and a pair of white high heels. After dressing up like this, Xyla looked even more aglow in the mirror. The light color tone accentuated her fair skin. Xyla looked almost like a rose in full bloom. She casually tied her long, black, curly hair behind her with a pink silk hairband. After that, Xyla retrieved the white, global, limited-edition, one-of-a-kind Hermes purse she recently bought from a rack full of Hermes purses. The purse was designed in the

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