Chapter 1545

When Stanley Batton heard that, he immediately turned on the phone’s loudspeaker. Right after that, Sharon Lindt’s voice became dispersed. “Are you happy that Xyla won the championship title?” “Yeah…” Stanley replied. “Me too. I’m thrilled. Unfortunately, your father and I couldn’t watch it live today. We did say we would go at first. Is Xyla angry?” Sharon asked. “To be honest, I feel it’s such a shame that I couldn’t personally watch Xyla shining in the competition…” Sharon added with a sigh… “You didn’t have a choice. Xyla would understand…” Stanley said. “Yeah, Mom… Your distant relatives came to visit. You had to entertain them…” Xyla immediately chipped in when she heard what was said. It truly was a coincidence. Xyla’s distant relatives happened to call today and say they would be coming over at night… The time they chose also happened to be the time when the competition started. Xyla was very considerate of this. Hence, she didn’t feel emotional about it. Sharon chuc

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