Chapter 1514

After that, Jenny Armstrong walked out of the room. Meanwhile, David Harper and the others followed behind her. Each of them stood by the door to wait for a good show. As soon as Jenny walked out, somebody pushed the door open from the next room. Immediately after that, Blakely Shelton slowly walked out. Blakely wore a white cap that was pulled down low. Underneath the cap, his fair, smooth, and refreshing face could be seen. Although Blakely didn’t have any make-up on, he still looked very handsome. He was wearing a white, loose, hooded sweater, coupled with a pair of black, torn jeans and white sneakers. His entire outfit made him appear youthful. Blakely’s popularity had been soaring in recent times… One of the shows he acted in as the leading male character, ‘In Your Arms’, was a massive hit toward the latter part of the plot. Now, it had gotten so popular that it broke the viewership record for web dramas. The number of clicks exceeded ten billion… Apart from that, this

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